We created the book that saves Americans from the struggle of caring for family members

Are you a Baby

Boomer who wants

to talk to your kids

but doesn’t know

where to begin?


Are you a Gen-X'er

curious about your

parent's future but

find it hard to talk

about it?

Your Plan Your Story advisor will:

Talk to a Plan Your Story advior

Get to know you, your goals and your unique family situation

We've made talking about your future simple. Here's how it works...

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Chemane Rene' Let's Talk to Find Work-Life Balance for Your Family

Chemane Rene', Gerontology Specialist & co-founder of Plan Your Story

"We created this program because our family crisis had such an adverse effect on every aspect of our lives. I honestly believe no family should have to go through what we went through.  Plan your story now and you won't have to."

Chemane Rene',
co-founder of Plan Your Story

Research and academic sources include...
Based on research from AARP, Pew Research Center, Sanford Center for Aging, MetLife Mature Market Institute, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Alliance for Caregiving

Baby Boomers!

Enjoy the freedom of knowing you are in full control of your future, no matter what comes your way.

Build A Living Legacy

Give your adult kids a
kind-but-assertive nudge
toward a better understanding of your wishes for the future.

In a nutshell, Plan Your Story is a workbook that you and your family complete ...together
  • Create a single source for all of your medical & financial information

  • Your family will understand how to manage your household when you can't

  • Design a road-map so your kids will know how to help you when help is needed

  • Help your kids understand your wishes in complete detail

We will walk you and your family through every step along the way
In the end you will have a complete plan that will guide you and your family along your aging journey. Say goodbye to the pain and expense of not knowing what to do in case of a health emergency.
Includes America's most popular advanced directive toolkit FREE!

Each Plan Your Story module is self-contained so when you're done, you'll have the satisfaction and relief of having a real plan in place. There are no time constraints, so you have all the time in the world to create your Story.

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I'm Ready to Take Control of My Own Story!
  • No learning curve

  • No software to learn or install

  • Easier than you'd think to begin and complete

  • Program delivers techniques used by therapists

  • 365 days of customer support

  • Everything you need in one place

  • We'll ship your package in just 2 business days

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Talk to a live gerontology specialist to learn how to begin your story.

  1. Absolutely free for Plan Your Story members

  2. You'll now how to begin and where to start

  3. Understand your options and track your progress

Have You Ever Wondered...?

Most older adults simply don't ask themselves some of the most basic questions when it comes to aging. Have you?
Who will care for the family pets?
Grandfather and grandson playing on the front lawn
  • If my husband and I can no longer drive, how will we be able to accomplish the things that need to get done on a daily basis?

  • Do I have a plan for the care, housing and nurturing of our beloved pets?

  • I do not wish to be a burden to my kids as I age... but what does that really mean if I can no longer manage day-to-day activities on my own?

  • Am I willing to let my kids foot the bill for the challenges I will face as I get older? Has my wife and I had an honest conversation about what our future holds as we age?

  • My will and trust are in place (good job!), but that doesn't mean anything to my family until my death. Should I create a plan for the years of care I'll require before I die?

  • So let's say something tragic happens to my husband. Does he wish to live on a breathing tube until the day his body quits? Have we really discussed what each of us would want if we couldn't decide for ourselves? 

  • I think I'm the only one who knows our online passwords for our bank & retirement accounts. Perhaps it's time to write these down ... just in case!

  • Our house sure has a lot of stairs - will I be able to navigate this place with a walker?

Take Care of Your Sons & Daughters

    Reduce the emotional pain your kids will face by not knowing what you would want during a health crisis

Research shows: Without a plan in place, your kids will suffer emotionally & financially

Children of aging parents in crisis are often riddled with stress of guessing, and being second-guessed, about what their parents would want in a given situation.  
Start the conversation and build an estate plan while you are lucid and thriving. Write down your end of life decisions now so your family understands what you truly want.  
» A great place to start is our free Start Talking Guide
Mom and Dad kissing in the sunset

Gen X Adults

Prepare to Share Your Parent's Future

It's time for everyone to realize an important truth: your parents can't accomplish their older-age goals alone. Help them realize their future with you in it.


Employees unexpectedly leave their career to care for an aging loved one.



Average income lost each year caring for an older family member.

Caregivers spend their retirement and savings to fund care efforts.


8 Revealing Questions

Common questions often overlooked by considerate adult children wishing to help their parents

Millennials can and should plan their story too
Young family ready to talk to mom and dad
  • Does dad want to go to a nursing home, caring community or have an in-home caregiver?

  • Do you know how to manage mom & dad's online accounts? Can you log in if you had to?
  • If dad broke his hip, would mom be able lift dad into bed every night? What about helping with clothes every morning? Or bathing every day?

  • Are you the person to talk to mom about not driving anymore? 

  • Are mom & dad financially fit to retire? How do you know - and are you willing to ask them about their finances?

  • Who will take care of their pets each and every day? 

  • Do you believe your brother and/or sister truly want to get involved with mom and dad as they get older. Since you're the one researching this information now, what can you do now to prepare your siblings?

  • Who will manage the home maintenance routines for the next year? Taking out the garbage, mowing the lawn, paying the cable TV bill?

  • Has your family talked about modifying the family home to help mom & dad get around safely?

Let's get our family on the right track - I'm ready!
  • No learning curve

  • No software to learn or install

  • Easier than you'd think to begin and complete

  • Program delivers techniques used by therapists

  • 365 days of customer support

  • Everything you need in one place

  • We'll ship your package in just 2 business days

✉ Free Shipping

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Affordable for Life

Your family cannot afford to ignore a realistic plan.
While dementia, heart attack, stroke, cancer, even falling down, are all part of the natural aging process, few of us actually put an aging plan together before your family experiences a major crisis. This care can deplete savings and typically adds another 20+ hours of caregiving duties each week to your already busy schedule.
A tool to understand your parents wishes.
  • Saves your family hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars over your lifetime
  • Costs less than 1 hour with your attorney
  • One-time expense is less than one month's premium for long-term care insurance
  • You will create a clear path to your loved one's aging wishes

​​I'm an advocate for families, a specialist in Gerontology, a mom, a business expert, a fiancée, and a daughter who cares about the 34 million adults preparing to care for their aging loved ones.

"My goal is to create an environment that supports your personal, professional and family needs before and during your time caring for a loved one."

A gerontology specialist with expertise in business development, healthcare and employee engagement, Chemane provides an invaluable service to the family and business community. As co-founder of Plan Your Story, she speaks regularly to educate Americans about decisions they will face at some point.

Plan Your Story is a foolproof system that eliminates the guesswork from wondering what you should do to begin a conversation. When you've completed the program you will know exactly what should be shared and precisely how to do it.

Begin your journey with my free START TALKING GUIDEBOOK.
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