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The most common questions from adults preparing to care for aging loved ones.

Tips to make your family conversation worthwhile

What does the Advisor Session include?

The Advisor Session includes a one-on-one phone conversation with Chemane Rene’, our co-founder and gerontology specialist. You will discuss your unique family situation to get a sense of where you might want to begin and just what you can expect in return.

I'm really new at this... Can I really create a plan like this?

Absolutely. We came up with the Plan Your Story solution so you don’t have to go through what my family and I went through.  I’ve been there. One of the best things you can do for you and your family is start now. Remember, it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

You mention the term "Caregiver" often but I'm not sure I am a caregiver yet.

You aren't alone. In fact you're right in line with 44 million other Americans out there who are providing help to their loved ones without once considering themselves as a caregiver. We believe in the truth - if you are caring for an older loved one, in any capacity, you're a caregiver. And this is a wonderful thing! 

One of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to create a plan. A plan based on personal values, preferences and conversations with your loved ones. 

Studies show once people identify themselves as a “caregiver” everything changes…for the better. Over 90% of family caregivers become more proactive about seeking resources and the skills they need to assist their care recipient after they have self-identified. 

From a personal note, once one stops being “embarrassed” about their situation, everything becomes easier. Be proud, you are making a wonderful difference in someone else’s life.


Is there an ongoing fee or monthly fees for the Plan Your Story program?

Your Plan Your Story program has no hidden costs and never expires. This one-time cost provides everything your family will need to save hundreds of hours & thousands of dollars during a lifetime.

The program is less expensive than 1 hour with your attorney and costs less than one month’s premium for long-term care insurance. When done you will have created a clear path to your loved one’s aging wishes.

Conversations that you thought impossible yesterday can be successful and rewarding in less than one week!

On average, our clients achieve better, more rewarding conversations with their family members in just one phone call

You can become a Plan Your Story Member in less that 90 seconds1

Our certified specialists in gerontology help you build a plan that truly helps families as they grow older.

How quickly can I begin working on our Story?

Here's what you can expect in the days after purchase:
Plan Your Story customer service will set up your program in the system.

Our teams will assemble your Plan Your Story workbook and all the materials required for a rewarding journey. We'll ship within two business days of ordering.

Once our Plan Your Story team has set up your account, we'll activate the digital tools.

You'll have one year to access the Plan Your Story tools.

In the meantime, we'll email you some helpful 'getting started' information to prep you and your family. Remember, take your time. This is a gift you are giving to yourself and your family. 

My spouse's folks are showing signs of age but are otherwise healthy. Recommendations?

We created the Plan Your Story program with you in mind. This conversation is most successful when your elder loved-ones are lucid and of strong mind. It's a plan that rewards families who are on top of the truth... we're all getting older!

The real reward lies in being emotionally prepared. It is worth having emotional preparedness for ourselves, our families and our overall wellbeing. 


We often throw out the quote that says it all...

"I wish we would have planned our story when things were normal." 

Don't be one of the tens of millions of Americans who waited until it was too late. You can do this today! 


So, what do we actually cover in Plan Your Story?

Plan Your Story includes video learning, easy to follow workbooks, and engaging webinars. You will find the path to a secure future isn't all work - it’s fun for everyone in the family too! You’ll begin by gathering the most common information first. It’s not too personal and it just makes sense. From there you'll begin to dig into some deeper questions where the real meat of the program takes shape. 

Discuss your Goals: Discovering your loved one’s dreams for their future destination is a key reason for your Plan Your Storyjourney and a wonderful opportunity to talk about what the future may hold.

Home & Family: From penning a biography and letters to family, to pet plans and funeral arrangements. Let’s put a clear plan of action in place and offer peace of mind to the entire family.

Health & Wellness: This Milemarker is a big one! From health planning to caregiving goals, the wellbeing of the entire family hinges on open communication as we discuss such serious needs for the future.

Living Will: Five Wishes™ Advanced Directive Program. End of life discussions are some of the most challenging. With the Five Wishes™ program you can create a legally binding Advanced Directive and guide your family to a consensus that honors your loved-one's most sensitive wishes.

Financial Wellness: Money is a sensitive subject since many elders were brought up in a generation where money was not something openly discussed. We’re going to change this and make a successful plan!

Legal Toolbox: We’ll get you started on a qualified foundation that should always lead to a professional review. Building a legal plan before a crisis situation will insure a smooth rollout of actions when necessary.

What does it mean when you say "I'm in it?"

There are more than 34.2 million people caring for aging loved-one over 50 right now. Over 75% of these caregivers are women. You are probably one of these Americans who are caring in some way. If it's easy now, it is guaranteed to get harder. And when the challenges begin to affect our personal daily lives, we would say you're "in it".

Put a plan together to keep your sanity intact when you're 'in it'.

> You will be prepared.  

> It will already be defined who does what, for how long, with whom.

> When you are at work, you are focused on your work.

> When you are home you are efficient because you know what needs to get done; the tough personal decisions have already been made.

> There’s not the added stress of “what to do” in a family crisis.

> You will be emotionally prepared which will create calm instead of chaos with everyone you touch - from your family, your boss, to health care professionals.

> Don’t wait to take control.  Adult children in a crisis regret waiting and doing nothing until they are often forced to hire a lawyer and get a court order via a guardianship to get into the parent’s accounts. This is very common, very expensive and emotionally difficult. 

> We created this program because it had such an adverse effect on every aspect of our lives in ways we couldn’t imagine. No family should have to go through what we went through.  Plan Your Story now and you won’t have to.

Where is your program for CEO's and HR managers?


Plan Your Story began as an employee wellness program focusing on helping parent caregivers reduce the impact of caring for an aging parent with family-ready tools, intuitive programs, educational videos and support systems. 

Designed from the ground up to help your workforce prepare for an aging crisis BEFORE it takes hold of their family and their work performance.

The employer-focused website is located on this page:

Learn more by downloading our free 'Start Talking Guidebook'

  • Our free Start Talking Guidebook is short and simple.

  • The 6-page workbook will help you get your arms our program.

  • Learn how we help families like yours before a crisis hits.

  • Create an environment to supports your personal, professional and family needs.

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