How Plan Your Story

Works for You


Our scalable, online course is cost-effective and offers convenient access to our acclaimed team of gerontolgy & family-focused experts.

LifeMap Program Binder
Plan Your Story family planning program
  • An informative family team-based guidebook for completing the Plan Your Story program.

  • Plan Your Story Branded program portfolio. Leather portfolio complete with pre-printed Plan Your Story program chapters and writing pad offers a rich, handsome appearance suitable for placement on any family bookshelf.

  • 5-Wishes™ Living Will planning program. This nationally recognized program meets the legal requirements for an advance directive in 42 U.S. states and available in several languages.

  • Monthly Skype™ engagement seminars designed to motivate and encourage employees to complete their Plan Your Story.

  • Weekly personalized emails and support from Plan Your Story counselors.

  • Drill-down deep planning tools to allow employee to build a thorough Advance Care Planning (ACP) program for entire family.

  • 12-month access to the Plan Your Story website and smartphone apps, educational video seminars and year-long step-by-step goal setting tools.

  • Access to a support network of gerontology and caregiving professionals from across the country.

  • Member support, wherever employees are in the world.




  • Dedicated Plan Your Story Account Manager as your touchpoint throughout your company’s wellness journey.

  • Custom company registration for your organization.

  • Quarterly engagement seminars – either on-site or via Skype™ webinars.

  • Customized marketing materials to maximize participation and encourage involvement in the Plan Your Story program.

  • Activity reporting to understand employee activity in the program.

  • White papers and case studies designed for HR teams to manage employee/caregiver situations.

  • Wellness “Next Steps” tools to assess and provide solutions to employees – for businesses of any size.

  • Scalable pricing based on employee volume. Flexible payment options, including credit cards.  


Plan Your Story offers several pricing options based upon the length of the course, how many programs are purchased and the number of employees you would like to commit to the programs. Our options include:

  • Per Employee, Per Month fees with give all employees access to Plan Your Story’s quality controlled evidence-based programs – regardless of the employee’s geographical location

  • Per-participant fees for each employee signing up for a program

For more information please contact us as

With minimal lead time, Plan Your Story can launch a customized program and begin offering wellness benefits to your employees across the country - with minimal impact to the employer.