How  Plan Your Story

Works for You


Some of the most common questions employers like you want to know.

Do I pay based on the total number of employees at my organization, or only for those who register to take part?

The Plan Your Story program is a block-based program. You choose the number of employees you want to go through the program and only pay for that number. Our volume pricing helps larger companies with discounts based on registered employee members.

How many people register with Plan Your Story on average?

This varies greatly by industry and company size. Typically you can expect between 40% and 55% of your employees sign up. With experience across several industries and companies of all sizes, we can advise you on what to expect according to your circumstances. Utilizing detailed census data, we have been able to determine percentages with good accuracy so you can have solid information before launch.

Explain your payment arrangements.

Agreement term is 12 months from the signed date of this order form. Fees may be invoiced or charged in full for the 12 month program, due at the start of the enrollment period. If invoiced, payments are due Net 15. Fees may also be paid in two installments, half due at the start of the enrollment period and an automatic recurring charge after 6 months to a credit card, this includes an additional 4% service charge.


Plan Your Story Agreements are annual commitments. Once the 2-week enrollment period begins, cancellation of the Plan Your Story services will result in no refunds.  If employee log-in occurs at any time, cancellation of the Plan Your Story services will result in no refunds. For additional information see our terms of services agreement at

How do we inform employees of available Plan Your Story benefits?

Your dedicated Plan Your Story team will create the Plan Your Story onboarding program to help your HR team launch the program across the company/key departments. Plan Your Story's proprietary Engagement Program ensures complete resources offered with minimal impact to your HR team

What if we do not have a formal HR Department?

This is probably the standard small to medium sized business situation across the country and your Plan Your Story team is well versed on educating owners/manager on communicating the benefits of Plan Your Story to employees while real-time requirements for owners/managers are at a minimum.

How do we roll out Plan Your Story to our staff?

The process is far easier than expected. The Plan Your Story Engagement Program is a turnkey process outlined in detail at

With minimal lead time, Plan Your Story can launch a customized program and begin offering wellness benefits to your employees across the country - with minimal impact to the employer.