Build a better experience for your employees AND their families...


Plan Your Story is the trusted advocate for helping your employees navigate the rough waters associated with caring for aging family members. Our employee wellness program focuses on helping parent caregivers reduce the impact of caring for an aging parent with family-ready tools, intuitive programs, educational videos and support systems. Plan Your Story is designed from the ground up to help your workforce prepare for an aging crisis BEFORE it takes hold of their family and their work performance.
  1. Prepare your workforce for the road ahead

  2. Reduce the impact of employee absenteeism & presenteeism 

  3. Design a compassionate, loving path for the aging family member as they shoulder this journey with dignity and honor


Higher Retention of Key Leaders



The Effective Workplace

Self-Guided Tools Target Results

  • Reduced absenteeism

  • Improved productivity

  • Strong employee retention

  • Improved recruitment

  • Reduced workplace stress

  • Enhanced employee loyalty

Your Plan Your Story journey begins with a conversation about living. A series of questions and exercises designed to create a thorough map of the aging process and how it affects family and work.

Including Plan Your Story Wellness in your workplace will help to create a culture of trust, opportunities for learning, and supervisor support for success.

From rich video learning sessions, easy to follow workbooks and weekly live engagement seminars, you will find the path to a secure future isn't all work, it's fun too - for everyone in the family. 

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