"This is an invaluable tool for those who are in a care-giving situation. But what I like about it is that it's so chock full of good ideas to put into effect right now."

—  Linda C.   Reno, Nevada

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Paying a mortgage. Saving for college. Planning a vacation. We all understand preparing for the future is important. But when it comes to planning the last third of our life, most of us don't have a plan... until there is a problem.

Starting Is Easier Than You Think

Plan Your Story is America's choice to plan life's aging journey.

We can't control our parent's decisions, but we can support them when we know their wishes for the future. Work together to create a simple advance care plan that offers peace of mind and a calming sense of control that comes with knowing your loved one's desires.
Chemane Rene' Let's Talk to Find Work-Life Balance for Your Family

Chemane Rene', Gerontology Specialist & co-founder of Plan Your Story

  • With a plan in place enjoy a welcome sense of relief
  • Have clarity during an unexpected family crisis
  • Create a plan of action for your entire family
  • Get direction with a struggling aging family member

"Plan Your Story is designed from the ground up to help you prepare for an aging crisis before it grips your family."

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Complete the program at your own pace, while we guide you along the journey.

Your membership includes

  1. Leather 3-ring portfolio 

  2. Pre-printed Plan Your Story learning modules, pen and writing pad

  3. Family leader's workbook and reference guide

  4. Legal Living Will - Advanced Directive Program

  5. Monthly live webinar engagement events 

  6. Weekly tips from Plan Your Story agents and industry leaders

  7. Planning tools to complete your Advance Care Plan (ACP) 

  8. Smart-goal modules to understand your loved one's wishes

  9. Access to network of aging and caregiving professionals

  10. End-of-life planning tools and questions

A Relevant & Timely Program

Planning Your Story will restore balance and provide a sense of stability during a family in crisis.

Caring for a loved one often creeps up on you. It starts when you drop by your mom's house to do her laundry, or to take your dad to a doctor's appointment. You find yourself doing the grocery shopping and filling the prescriptions. Gradually, you are doing more and more.  At some point, you realize you have made a commitment to take care of someone else.   

A gerontology specialist with expertise in business development, healthcare and employee engagement, Chemane provides an invaluable service to the family and business community. As co-founder of Plan Your Story, she speaks regularly to educate Americans about decisions they will face at some point.

​​I'm a specialist in Gerontology, a mom, a business expert, a fiancée, a daughter who cares for my dad, and I'm proud to be a caregiver.

My goal is to create an environment that supports your personal, professional and family needs before and during your time as a caregiver.

Plan Your Story is a tool to prepare you and your family before an aging crisis takes hold. You will save your family hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in anguish and guilt by having a real family conversation - and writing it down.

Begin your journey with my free START TALKING GUIDEBOOK. Click button to download today.


"We created this program because our crisis had such an adverse effect on every aspect of our lives. No family should have to go through what we went through.  Plan your story now and you won't have to."

Chemane Rene', co-founder of Plan Your Story

Think Of This As A Gift

This is not a problem your will, trust or burial plan can solve.

Hey mom & dad... this video is for you!
Children of aging parents in crisis are often riddled with stress of guessing, and being second-guessed, about what their parents would want in a given situation.  
Please don't wait until an unexpected crisis cripples your family.  Start the conversation and build an estate plan while you are lucid and thriving. Write down your end of life decisions now so your family understands what you truly want.  
A great place to start is our free Start Talking Guide

Are You Prepared to Take On Responsibility?

Caring for your folks often creeps up on you.

The vast majority of healthcare is actually provided by families like you, not by healthcare professionals. 
Captain Dave on his boat years before becoming incapacitated with a hip injury

My dad, on the water in San Diego 1967.

More than 75% of us who care for our loved ones are women. Ready or not we are the ones who step up to care for them and most of us are not ready.
Captain Dave at home in Reno, Nevada

My dad and I in Reno, Nevada 2017.

Are You Prepared to Care? Take the Quiz!

Our free quiz is 13 simple questions that help you relate to hundreds of other Plan Your Story members.

See where you stand among hundreds of other Plan Your Story members. It's totally FREE!

Free online assessment asks 13 questions to help identify where you are in the caregiving process. No personal information is collected!

Based on research from AARP, Pew Research Center, Sanford Center for Aging, MetLife Mature Market Institute, Bureau of Labor Statistics, National Alliance for Caregiving
Research and academic sources include...
Plan Your Story is Family Planning Made Simple

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Plan for Better Control Over Your Future

  • No learning curve

  • No software to learn or install

  • Easier than you'd think to begin and complete

  • Program delivers techniques used by therapists

  • Simply open up your workbook and begin your plan

  • 365 days of customer support

  • Achieve peace of mind with one simple program

  • Everything you need in one place

Advanced Directive and More

(Pew 2006, AARP 2008).

"Most people say they would prefer to die at home, yet only about one-third of adults have an advance directive expressing their wishes for end-of-life care."
Legal Advance Directive tool included in your Plan Your Story Workbook
Included is a simple Advance Directive tool that lets you talk with your family, friends and doctor about how you want to be treated if you become seriously ill. Advance directives are also known as living wills... and there's one included in your Plan Your Story program.
  • Meets Legal Requirements in 42 States*
  • Used in all 50 states and around the world
  • A trusted resource for people who want a plan
  • A simple tool for discussing personal wishes

*In the other eight states your completed living will can be attached to your state's required form.

Let's Talk About Legal Things

Goal setting and practical concerns are the cornerstones of a healthy family plan.

Plan Your Story Today So We Can Enjoy Our Family Tomorrow
Even though plenty of us know what wills and trusts are, only 39% of us with kids have estate planning documents, and 13% believe that their spouse and kids will automatically receive their assets when they die. This is rarely the case!

Plan Your Story encourages legal planning

  • Finalize your will and advance directive

  • Determine if a trust is right for you

  • Name a healthcare power of attorney and execute with your attorney

  • Name a durable power of attorney and execute with your attorney

About Us

Our goal is to create an environment to support the personal, professional and business needs of an adult facing the responsibilities of caring for another adult.

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