...It’s even harder when you can’t make your own decisions!


We’ll show you how to talk with your family about an Advance Directive.


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Why is an Advance Directive (living will) important?


Choosing your preferences today can help prevent financial losses, unwanted medical interventions and painful conflict between loved ones in the future.


If you are like more than half of Americans 55+ years old who haven’t created your Advance Directive, please continue reading. 

It's about ensuring the best possible future for family and loved ones.


Your Advance Directive is one of those things you don’t lock in a box and hide away. Your family needs to know about it. 


As you might expect, the major burden for caring for your spouse, or mom or dad falls typically falls on you. However, most Americans are simply unprepared to take on another person’s living arrangements. 

An Advanced Directive & Much More

(Pew 2006, AARP 2008).

"Most people say they would prefer to die at home, yet only about one-third of adults have an advance directive expressing their wishes for end-of-life care."
Legal Advance Directive tool included in your Plan Your Story Workbook
Included is a simple Advance Directive tool that lets you talk with your family, friends and doctor about how you want to be treated if you become seriously ill. Advance directives are also known as living wills... and there's one included in your Plan Your Story program.
  • Meets Legal Requirements in 42 States*
  • Used in all 50 states and around the world
  • A trusted resource for people who want a plan
  • A simple tool for discussing personal wishes

*In the other eight states your completed living will can be attached to your state's required form.

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Advance Directive

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Plan Your Story is much more than a simple Advance Directive

Plan Your Story Family Planning Workbook and Advance Directive

Designed from the ground up to address the elephant in the room (we’re all getting older), the Plan Your Story portfolio is a new concept for preparing your family for your aging self. 

We guide you on an aging conversation with family members before a real crisis takes a toll on your work, your health and overall well-being.

Plan Your Story Leather Program Binder
Plan Your Story Advance Care Plan Complete with All Planning Modules Included
Plan Your Story Website Tools & Access Included with Membership
Living Will Advance Directive Included with Membership
Plan Your Story Video Library Included with Membership


Complete the program at your own pace, while we guide you along the journey.

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Your membership includes

  1. Leather 3-ring portfolio 

  2. Pre-printed Plan Your Story learning modules, pen & writing pad

  3. Family leader's workbook & reference guide

  4. Legal Living Will - Advanced Directive Program

  5. Monthly live webinar engagement events 

  6. Weekly tips from Plan Your Story agents & industry leaders

  7. Planning tools to complete your Advance Care Plan (ACP) 

  8. Smart-goal modules to understand your loved one's wishes

  9. Access to network of aging & caregiving professionals

  10. End-of-life planning tools & questions

"I wish we had planned our story when things were normal!"


Have a family conversation while your loved ones are lucid and able to embrace their age. Plan Your Story guides families through important topics such as:

  • Goals & Wishes

  • Home & Family

  • Health & Wellness

  • Financial Preparation

  • Legal Tools & Planning

Have questions about caring for another person? 


Take our unique quiz & learn where you stand.

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For adult children of older parents, later-life planning means finding out what your folks want as they age. This plan is not about planning for death, it's about planning for life as they get older. This means having a conversation about where and how they would like to live as they age. 

Remember, the burden is on your family to take care of you become incapacitated. Without thoughtful, smart conversations BEFORE a health crisis hits, this burden can be immense and everyone.

Please don’t let this cripple your family when it doesn’t need to go this way. 

Starting Is Easier Than You Think

Remember, the burden is your family to take care of your aging loved ones. And without thoughtful, smart and mutual conversations BEFORE a health crisis hits, this burden can be immense. Please don’t let this cripple your family when it doesn’t need to go this way.
Chemane Rene' - Specialist in Gerontology & co-founde of Plan Your Story

Chemane Rene', Gerontology Specialist & co-founder of Plan Your Story

  • With a plan in place enjoy a welcome sense of relief
  • Have clarity during an unexpected family crisis
  • Create a plan of action for your entire family
  • Get direction with a struggling aging family member
Plan Your Story is a simple advanced care planning tool
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Plan for Better Control Over Your Future Self

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