Paying a mortgage. Saving for college. Planning a vacation. We all understand preparing for the future is important. But when it comes to planning the last third of our life, most of us don't have a plan.

...Until there is a problem.

Steve and Chemane welcoming you to Plan Your Story

Steve Fine & Chemane Rene',

founders of Plan Your Story

Please take your time to scroll down and review what we have created so you don't have to struggle with the challenges that have hurt so many families across the country.

We know there is no one-size fits all approach to planning for your future. This confidential session will help you optimize your individual needs and goals, meaning:


Our one-on-one coaching is a revolutionary system proven to help families create long lasting plans that have saved thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in emotional turmoil. This is the Plan Your Story difference.


It all starts with your workbook portfolio. Your large leather 3-ring binder comes with the pre-printed Plan Your Story learning modules, Start Talking Guidebook, reference guides, the FIVE WISHES Advance Directive, pen and writing pad. A handsome binder suitable for placement on any family bookshelf. This is designed to also hold your will, trust, and other critical documents for quick and safe future access. It's the smart solution for important family paperwork.

Plan Your Story leather-bound document portfolio
  • Detailed family plan guide

  • Emotional preparedness video training

  • Smart planning modules for aging issues

  • Family leader’s emotional preparedness guide

  • Full access to Plan Your Story videos & whitepapers

  • 12-Month access to printable worksheets & forms

Video library for aging-friendly conversations

We provide several tools to help members ​dive in to the Plan Your Story creation process and connect with their families in positive and unexpected ways. These exclusive videos are designed to help every facet of the family engage in the process, helping to complete each module quickly and easily.

Advanced Directive (Living Will)

(Pew 2006, AARP 2008).

"Most people say they would prefer to die at home, yet only about one-third of adults have an advance directive expressing their wishes for end-of-life care."
Legal Advance Directive tool included in your Plan Your Story Workbook
Included is the nation's most popular Advance Directive tool from FIVE WISHES. Legal in all 50 states, this AD toolkit lets you talk with your family, friends and doctor about how you want to be treated if you become seriously ill. Advance directives are also known as living wills... and this one is included in your Plan Your Story program for free.
  • Meets Legal Requirements in 42 States*
  • Used in all 50 states and around the world
  • A trusted resource for people who want a plan
  • A simple tool for discussing personal wishes

*In the other eight states your completed living will can be attached to your state's required form.

»Additional features important to completing your Story

Starting Is Easier Than You Think

Work together to create a simple advance care plan that offers peace of mind and a calming sense of control that comes with knowing you and your loved one's wishes are understood.

Chemane Rene' Let's Talk to Find Work-Life Balance for Your Family

Chemane Rene',
Gerontology Specialist 

  • With a plan in place you'll have a welcome sense of relief
  • You will have clarity on what to do in an unexpected family crisis
  • You will create a plan of action for your entire family
  • This program provides direction when your family is struggling with issues involving an aging family member
I'm Ready to Take Control of My Own Story!
  • No learning curve

  • No software to learn or install

  • Easier than you'd think to begin and complete

  • Program delivers techniques used by therapists

  • 365 days of customer support

  • Everything you need in one place

  • We'll ship your package in just 2 business days


Let's Talk About Legal Things

Goal setting and practical concerns are the cornerstones of a healthy family plan.

Plan Your Story Today So We Can Enjoy Our Family Tomorrow
Even though plenty of us know what wills and trusts are, only 39% of us with kids have estate planning documents, and 13% believe that their spouse and kids will automatically receive their assets when they die. This is rarely the case!

Plan Your Story encourages legal planning

  • Finalize your will and advance directive

  • Determine if a trust is right for you

  • Name a healthcare power of attorney and execute with your attorney

  • Name a durable power of attorney and execute with your attorney


Plan Your Story positions you in the driver’s seat and helps you prepare for the challenging decisions every family in America will eventually need to make.

Don’t wait for an unexpected family crisis to overwhelm your family, Plan Your Story puts responsibility in your hands. Your family will collaborate to create an effective aging plan to manage life’s events that lie ahead. 

Personal Information Overview
Itemizing your family, numbers, background & identification.

Goals & Wishes
Discover the dreams & wishes of your loved one.

Home & Family Plan
Identifying future living arrangements, setting home maintenance goals.


Health & Wellness
Planning medical care, assigning advocates, assessing health goals.


Financial Health
Preparing to financing your uncertain future & budget for unknowns.


Legal Toolbox  
Estate, Health & Financial preparation for taking over decision making.