Plan Your Story Launches in Northern Nevada

Local startup launches wellness benefit platform to help employers manage the impact of employees struggling with hurdles of caring for aging family members.

Reno, NV - Plan Your Story, LTD. has announced the launch of its new venture, Plan Your Story, in Northern Nevada. Founded by local entrepreneurs, Chemane Rene’ and Steven Fine, the venture is a wellness benefit designed for the business owner to prepare employees for the challenges of caring for an aging family member.

(NOTE: LifeMap is now Plan Your Story. The company name has been changed to reflect the new branding and trademark)

Plan Your Story educates the C-suite and HR leadership about the challenging decisions virtually every employee in America will need to make, and how this impacts the companies they work for.

“We are a pro-active wellness program designed from the ground up to address that elephant in the room,” says Rene’, a specialist in gerontology. “Our science-based tools help your employees reduce the impact of caring for an aging loved one. And let’s face it, aging is universal. We’re all going on this journey together.”

Our program compliments any existing benefits package, or can be the first in an organizations’ wellness business strategy.

"As a planning tool in the HR space, the Plan Your Story program fills a critical gap in mid-size to larger business’s human capital strategy," said Fine. "This caregiving epidemic is affecting job performance and productivity right now, in every industry. With our 76 million baby boomers turning 65 at a rate of 10,000 every day, this epidemic is only going to grow. The one thing a business leader cannot do now, is do nothing.”

Plan Your Story's management team has a long track record of developing, leading and growing successful ventures. Rene’, previously owner/partner of Nevada’s largest landscape company, Signature Landscapes, led the company’s commercial growth through the hardest recession to hit the region in history. Fine, a past director at the Reno Gazette-Journal, and publisher at Swift Communications, has decades of experience launching and growing business products across the west.

Employers are now challenged to explore benefits that not only reduce the losses from absenteeism and presenteeism, but take the next step and provide a significant boost to employee loyalty, morale and retention.

“Let’s face it, the talent pool in the region has dried up,” Fine says. “Finding good employees in this market is hard, and keeping them is even harder. The only path to strengthening your workforce is to retain, develop and engage your current employee base. That’s why we’re excited to launch this program in Nevada now. The timing couldn’t be better.”

Research shows employees are asking for mental health offerings alongside their traditional health package. And stress is the key driver for these requests. According to the Bureau of Labor & Statistics, 40% of your employees are a prime cohort to begin seeing hardship by way of caregiving issues at home.

In fact, based on recent research, 20% of your employee base is in a caregiving situation now. Americans are simply behind the curve when it comes to managing life’s events that lie ahead, therefore planning is critical at the individual level. Forward thinking employers are urged to create business strategies that aim to keep good employees, actively track recruitment, retention, turnover and long-term employee health.

Caregiving and careers tend to rise at roughly the same time, between 45 and 65. Thus eldercare has become an important topic nationwide. Researchers and employers are finding that more than physical health benefits are needed to help workers reach their full potential at work and at home. The Plan Your Story strategy helps companies transition from a “leave your personal troubles at the door” mentality, to one of compassion and coaching.

“With a plan of action in place, when you are at work you are focused on work, and when you take time off you are efficient because you know what needs to get done,” says Rene’. “The tough personal decisions have already been made so there’s far less added stress of ‘what to do’ in a family crisis.”

“Your employees can get back on their feet quicker, and in turn they can return to a more productive work-life balance faster. Plan Your Story closes that productivity gap, so their family is in a better place and their work gets back on track.”

Supporting the health and performance of your most valuable asset has never been more important. You can learn more about Plan Your Story by visiting and learn how to install a culture of health in your company today.


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Plan Your Story is the trusted advocate for helping your employees navigate the rough waters associated with caring for aging family members. Our employee wellness program focuses on helping parent caregivers reduce the impact of caring for an aging parent with family-ready tools, intuitive programs, educational videos and support systems. Plan Your Story is designed from the ground up to help your workforce prepare for an aging crisis BEFORE it takes hold of their family and their work performance. Click to visit and learn how to install a culture of health in your company today. #PlanYourStory

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