Plan Your Story platform now available to public

Planning platform to prepare families for an elder caregiving crisis now made available to public.

Reno, NV – Families struggling with the weight of caring for an aging family member are overcome by the enormous strain it causes on their health, careers and personal relationships. Until now, there have been few tools to plan for the inevitable challenges we will all face when an aging crisis takes hold.

Plan Your Story, a Northern Nevada wellness provider is proud to offer their flagship product to the general population, before only available to corporate entities. The Plan Your Story platform provides smart tools to prepare Americans for the heartbreaking challenges of caring for an aging family member.

Chemane Rene’, founding partner of Plan Your Story understands the personal trouble all too well. In 2007 her father suffered a devastating blow to the head at 64 years of age. A successful ship pilot responsible for driving vessels through the Panama Canal, her father was the picture of health. Overnight her family’s life turned upside down and her dad would never pilot ships again.

“Trying to balance life is tough enough when you’re not in the middle of a crisis,” says Rene’. “In the beginning I remember clearly feeling stressed, guilty, and exhausted. From business aspects to health decisions, hoping the decisions I was making were the ones that he would have wanted.”

“Come to find out, a simple conversation would have solved so many aspects of his circumstances, and I could of had years of my life back,” she revealed. “You could say that my dad's crisis...which ended up being my families crisis; is the passion behind Plan Your Story on a personal level.”


“Because with all my dad’s wealth, success and power…what my dad did NOT have, was a plan. He had never mapped out a plan for his kids (or his attorneys for that matter), what he would want us to do in the event of a crisis,” says Rene’.

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We all know about the baby boomers, but to put it in perspective did you know every day in America 10,000 people are turning 65 years old. However, did you know this will continue to happen every day until 2029? 1

Currently there are 34 million people in the U.S. who are providing personal care for an aging loved one over 50, and most of them enter their caregiving situation completely unprepared. This is an important factor, because until it happens to you personally, you can’t imagine the impact it has on you and your family.

These caregivers most likely have kids at home and their parents are most likely still alive and thriving. We know them as the Sandwich Generation… Caring on both sides of the bread, and they’re meat in the middle!

Based on clinical and academic research, the average dollar amount in unanticipated caregiving costs for one individual over a lifetime is a staggering $303,880. This is nearly $3 trillion for the 9.7 million people 50+ caring for their parents. And this does not account for the out-of-pocket expenses, recently estimated at $5,531 per year, a direct cost to the caregiver providing care. 2

The effects of this caregiving crisis on your employer are equally staggering. An employee who is caring for an aging loved one will cost an average $2,500 per year for the employer.1 Furthermore, employers pay in 8% more in health care dollars for caregiving employees vs. non caregiving employees (costing U.S. employers $13.4 billion per year).3


“The bottom line is we are in this together,” states Rene’. “We are all employees. We all care about each other, we care about our businesses, and we care about our communities. And the real consequences of not having a plan, is not the money. When you are in it [a crisis], it’s a whirlwind. Will you be worried about your job? Will you have little one's at home wondering where you are because you are spending so much time caring for grandma or grandpa? Is your spouse going to be supportive?”

According to Rene’, families enrolling in the Plan Your Story program receive emotional preparedness for their families, their businesses, and their overall well being. They will create balance, clarity and peace of mind in a crisis. A plan of action is in place, so when you are at work you are focused on your work, and when you take time off you are efficient because you know what needs to get done. The tough personal decisions have already been made so there’s not the added stress of ‘what to do’ in a family crisis.

In the event of a crisis there is a lot of minutia in our simple everyday lives that you need to know. Who is their primary care doctor? Do they have Medicare? What’s covered and what’s not covered? What about the cat? Who will pay the bills and how are the bills paid - by check, in person, online? If it’s online what is the username and password? These are just a few tiny examples of what will suck countless hours of your time in a crisis.

Think of Plan Your Story as a gift; a gift of time, money, of saving your loved ones untold heartaches. The Plan Your Story program walks you step by step to create a plan based on personal values, preferences, and conversations that you will have with your loved ones.

“We are all going to be in a caregiving crisis sooner or later and it will affect your entire family and your finances as well,” says Rene’. “The simple act of preparation can save so many losses personally and professionally. And the cost of continuing to doing nothing is just too high.”

“So, who are you going to call this week?” concludes Rene’. “Don’t put it off, take that step, I promise you, they’ll be glad you called.”

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