Ladies, our sticks are already short... let's talk about what to do

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

"To get the short end of the stick is to come off worst in a bargain or contest."

When mom or dad need caregiving assistance, 75% of the time it’s the daughter or daughter in law who comes to the rescue and takes on the caregiving responsibilities. It doesn't matter how full our plates are, that's just how it shakes out. And it’s happening right now.

"As women, we are already receiving the short end of the stick - don't let your stick get any shorter! "

What am I talking about?

If you have kids, did you take maternity leave to give birth to your children? Of course you did! Did you stay home with your kids (like me) until they went to grade school? Then as women we already have reduced social security benefits and pensions than our male counter-parts.

The key is not to wait!

If you are not prepared it is going to turn your world upside down. Imagine adding the responsibility of taking care of mom or dad to your already full plate. And ladies, as time goes by, the responsibilities are only going to grow.

It's never too late to plan. If you have not yet begun to discuss a caregiving plan with your loved ones and other members of your family, you are not alone. The key is not to wait, begin the conversation NOW while your folks are lucid and you can collectively discuss how to create a caregiving plan for them.

There is no reason to let your stick get any shorter!

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