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If you are getting ready to talk with your spouse or parents about creating your family aging plan you might be feeling a little timid.

"Where to start? Who to invite? How do I even bring up the subject?"

There are no shortages of options in this arena, and I understand how families can be paralyzed by the process. As a culture, we have spent the last 100 years stifling the fact we’re getting older!

And since we really haven’t explored options in depth, Americans are left trying to uncover the nuances of talking about real-life subjects.

We didn’t have the tools… until now.

This is why we created the FREE downloadable Start Talking Guide to talking with your family about the elephant in the room. In it, you’ll see you’re not alone in this endeavor. You’ll get a sense of what a family conversation looks like, and more importantly, how to start.

We’ll show you how to will design a compassionate and loving path for your aging loved ones with dignity and honor.


Respect ▫ Integrity ▫ Compassion ▫ Honor

We like to call these the four tenets toward maintaining the health of your journey. This might appear to be a sensitive time for all, but the more we practice R.I.C.H. behaviors, the richer the outcome for the entire family.

Click here to learn more & download "Start Talking"

We hope you will find this free guide to be a helpful tool as you start talking about the last third of your or your loved-one’s lives.

Wishing you all the best,

Steve Fine

Plan Your Story co-founder and partner in planning, one family at a time.

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