Plan Your Story Membership & Workbook

Plan Your Story Membership & Workbook

Our certified specialists in gerontology help you build a plan that truly helps families as they grow older. We engage your family with tools and inspiration to create a tactical plan - a living, breathing document to help you make informed and empowered decisions for years to come. It's a tool to prepare you and your family before an aging crisis takes hold.


Here’s Exactly What You Will Receive

  • The complete Plan Your Story family planning program
  • FREE 60-minute confidential planning discussion
  • Beautiful leather 3-ring portfolio for all your family documents
  • Comprehensive 46-page self-guided workbook
  • 30% discount on additional workbook for gift to friends & family
  • Insightful 'conversation starter' techniques
  • Start Talking Guidebook
  • 50-page writing pad & pen
  • BONUS: Comprehensive living will (Advanced Directive Program) legal in all 50 states
  • BONUS: FREE SHIPPING anywhere in the continental United States


Membership Benefits

  • 12 month access to expanding online video library
  • 12 month access to printable worksheets & forms
  • Webinar events
  • Weekly tips & inspiration from industry leaders
  • Access to network of aging & caregiving professionals
  • 24/7 webform member support

    Here's what you can expect in the coming days:

    Plan Your Story customer service guru’s will set up your program in the system. Our workbook hot-shots will gently assemble your Plan Your Story binder and all the materials required for a rewarding journey. Once our team has set up your account, we'll activate the digital tools and send you a confirmation email at the address you’ve provided in the form. You'll have one year automatic membership access to the Plan Your Story website toolbox.

    We’ll do all of this in two business days and ship it out to your address. Expect your package to show up at your address very soon afterward.

    In the meantime, you’ll receive some emails with helpful 'getting started' information to prep you and your family. Remember, take your time. This is a gift you are giving to yourself and your family.


    We cannot accept refunds or credits if a product is opened or has partial use. If, for some reason there are problems with your order, please reach out to our customer service team and we'll resolve any issues. 


    By purchasing this Plan Your Story comprehensive program and membership, you agree to follow all Terms & Conditions as outlined on the following page.



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