Become a Caring Organization


Wellness, health, productivity and absence management are all popular topics with human resources professionals struggling to manage expenses while protecting the health and productivity of their employees. Tighter budgets and a challenging economy have companies searching for ways to keep costs down in the face of ever-rising health care premiums. One component of increased costs that is often overlooked is presenteeism.​

Employers who make health and productivity a priority and effectively communicate this to employees will successfully build a company culture where employees feel comfortable, safe and valued. These companies will see an increase in workforce productivity and overall satisfaction.

Benefits Compensation Digest 12/2008

When the economy tugs at the grocery store to the doctor, benefits offerings are extremely valuable to your employees. Robust benefits packages, like Plan Your Story, help to retain top talent, attract new employees and demonstrate corporate goodwill to staff.

Company Running Team
 What will Plan Your Story provide your top employees before a crisis hits?
Being Proactive Works
Companies that openly value health & productivity will find that their employees will take action in addressing presenteeism on an individual level. Supporting the team starts with identifying the issues.
Estimates show that presenteeism costs U.S. businesses upwards of $150 billion each year - costs incurred from reduced production, poor customer service, lost sales opportunities, deferred projects and profit reductions.

Truly effective employers recognize their employees’ personal and professional lives are both sources of strength and challenges that can and will affect work outcomes. A true partnership in employee wellness will meet your staff's personal and professional goals.

Most folks who encounter the additional responsibility of caring for and supporting maturing parents are often top-level employees with impeccable track records.

These are people important to the very foundation of your establishment. They're loyal, savvy and have helped to weave the fabric and culture of your business.


Leading the way to accepting the responsibilities of the aging journey by carving a path leading to meaningful and respectful conversation, removing the veil of mystery from what was once considered a delicate subject and establishing a roadmap for the future.

And most importantly, Plan Your Story will provide the tools to address what, to some, is a taboo subject - for both employer and employee.